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IoT Development for ESP32 and ESP8266 with JavaScript

IoT Development for ESP32 and ESP8266 with JavaScript - A Practical Guide to XS and the Moddable SDKThis book presents a fresh approach to embedded development grounded in modern, industry-standard JavaScript. Using the same language that powers web browsers and Node.js, the Moddable SDK empowers IoT developers to involve many of the same tools and techniques used to build sophisticated websites and mobile applications.

The Moddable SDK allows you to unlock the full potential of inexpensive microcontrollers like the ESP32 and ESP8266. Coding for these microcontrollers in C or C++ with the ESP-IDF and Arduino SDKs works for building essential products but doesn’t scale to manage the increasingly complex IoT products that customers anticipate. The Moddable SDK adds the lightweight XS JavaScript engine to those classic environments, accelerating development with JavaScript while maintaining the performance advantages of a native SDK.

Building user interfaces and communicating over the network are two areas where JavaScript shines. IoT Development for ESP32 and ESP8266 with JavaScript shows you how to develop responsive touchscreen user interfaces using the Piu framework. You will understand how easy it is to securely send and receive JSON data over Wi-Fi with grand JavaScript APIs for standard IoT protocols, including HTTP/HTTPS, WebSocket, MQTT, and mDNS. You also learn to integrate standard sensors and actuators, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), file systems, and more into your projects. Furthermore, you see firsthand how JavaScript makes it more comfortable to combine these diverse technologies.

If you’re an embedded C or C++ developer who has never worked in JavaScript, don’t worry. This book includes an introduction to the JavaScript language for embedded developers experienced with C or C++.

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